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Fresno accident attorney, Rod Haron, always does his best to present each accident victim’s personal injury case to the insurance company.

When a careless driver ran a red stop light and crashed into a Fresno businessman, accident attorney Rod Haron helped ensure that the insurance company paid his client‘s medical bills from his accident injuries.

Earlier this month, in January 2020, Fresno attorney, Rod Haron, negotiated with the insurance company in his client’s auto accident claim. The insurance company accepted a proposal to pay 1.25 million dollars to the client to settle the insurance claim and pay for his personal injuries.

If your doctor won’t see you because you were in an auto accident, you have the option to get medical treatment from accident doctors without having to pay until your case settles. Most doctors that treat car accident victims require the inured person to have an accident lawyer because it increases the likelihood that the doctor will get paid by the insurance company.

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